Remove category from WordPress URLs

The theme I use for this website creates a blog by using a separate category in WordPress for blog posts. Normally I prefer to use static pages for non-blog pages, and rely on posts for the blogging feature. This method is easy to set up and creates an easy to manage, less confusing installation. However, category-based blogging came built into the theme, and tearing it out would be a lot of wasted effort.

Instead I removed the “category” word from my URLs because “category” adds no meaning. My blog was found at… try sharing that URL over the phone. Now, my blog is which is much easier.

To accomplish this feat I had to:

  1. install a plugin called redirection
  2. set category as my source URL
  3. leave my destination URL blank
  4. install a plugin called decategorizer

I still have to remember to categorize all my blog posts in the blog category, but I no longer have to remember to type /category/blog when sending someone my blog’s address. I can also safely switch themes and not have to worry that my blog posts will move.