Drupal 8 Site Building Best Practices

I’ve taught an beginners course during Drupal Global Training Days many times in portland, and I give students an introduction to Drupal 8 for site builders. I spend the day simplifying Drupal for new developers. But once you’re beyond the basics of the interface, there are many different ways to accomplish a task in Drupal and Drupal 8 only adds to the choices. So, if you’re a Drupal developer looking to craft easier to maintain Drupal 8 sites, this series is for you.

Over the years I’ve developed many strong opinions about the best way to “drupal”. Some of my decisions aren’t actually better than alternatives, but they are patterns I’ve memorized to make my work more efficient so I can avoid getting stuck building sites. This series will cover the following topics:

And, if you don’t want to wait for me to write and publish all these best practices, feel free to join me in this Gist for a sneak preview without the explanations.