Joining ThinkShout

I’m excited to announce that I’m joining the ThinkShout team as a senior software enginer. ThinkShout is a mission-driven team that delivers engaging work for some amazing non-profit organizations. ThinkShout caught my eye a couple years ago when they launched the RedHen CRM platform for Drupal. I was impressed not only because RedHen is free and open source, but because Sean Larkin took the time to walk us through working with the CRM inside the Drupal platform. In fact, many of my Drupal projects have benefited from the Free software that ThinkShout built and maintains in the Drupal community.

I’ve worked with some amazing non-profit organizations, but this is the first time that it will be the focus of my day. I’ve always been excited to contribute to open-source software, but I’m looking forward to being surrounded by developers whose contributions will encourage my own.

I’m familar with most the tools I’ll be depending on, but I’ve got a lot to learn about Homebrew and Pantheon. Most especially, I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge as I learn to work with my new team. If you’ve been looking to work for mission-driven clients and join a team that appreciates the value of contribution, you should drop me a line!