Drupal Internet Explorer 7 CSS Problems

Internet Explorer is often the bane of a web designer’s existence. Creating a design in Firefox or Chrome is easy, if something is off, click “inspect element” and you can fix the problem inminutes. However, in Internet Explorer, there’s no such tool. Well, I had an issue with JQuery not displaying correctly on a Drupal site in IE7. It worked perfect in 8, Firefox, and Chrome. The demos for all the plugins I was using worked perfectly in Internet Explorer 7, but when I loaded them on the Drupal site, they were hosed. I checked the code over, and over, and over again. I have my reservations about Drupal. I hate how it creates so many external files, and how many “Gotchas” it has. I knew this had to be one of those weird Drupal quarks.

Optimize CSS Files

After hours of frustration trying to get JavaScript to run, I opened the CSS file for IE in Drupal:

  • CSS targeted specifically for Internet Explorer for Windows.
  • Any CSS in this file will apply to all versions of IE. You can target
  • specific versions of IE by using conditional comments. See your sub-theme’s
  • .info file for an easy way to use them.
  • While building your theme, you should be aware that IE limits Drupal to 31
  • stylesheets total. The work-around for the bug is to enable CSS aggregation
  • under: admin / settings / performance.

I turned CSS caching on and all my JQuery started working perfectly! I had overrun the limit for maximum allowed external files in IE7! How can Drupal possibly include more than 31 external files? Man, Drupal is insane. It’s loading 2 files for every plugin I need. Anyway. Mystery solved. If you can’t get JQuery, or CSS to work in Drupal on IE7, optimize your CSS files and see if that fixes all your problems.