Ask Ubuntu is an Internet Black Hole

The content on Ask Ubuntu is licensed CC attribution required. However, the content isn’t licensed by the people who WRITE the content, but by the owners of the website who host the content. Evil? Probably.

Update: Chris points out in the comments that Stack Exchange gives users with 2000 reputation points do follow links to their home page. That means when someone borrows an author’s content to answer a stack exchange question, the person who copies gets a reward and the author does not. This is certainly better than no one getting a link… but not quite in the spirit of Ubuntu.

Furthermore, the owners require attribution to include 2, yes TWO, do follow links. They even go so far as to claim these links are to support the authors of the content! Yet, they No Follow links to author home pages in author profiles ensuring that the authors get no benefit from writing answers for Stack Exchange sites.

Stack Exchange is clearly lying when they claim to be supporting authors who answer their questions. Not only do they not support their authors, they “nofollow” every source article used to answer a question on their website! Stack Exchange is a black hole. They take links from the Internet and only give rel =”nofollow” back. No follow is against the spirit of Ubuntu and should be a violation of the Ubuntu code of conduct. The no follow attribute does nothing to curb spam. It’s only purpose is to promote large brands and prevent authors from getting credit from their work on social media sites like Twitter, Wikipedia, Facebook, and Stack Exchange. No follow is the Microsoft way. Ubuntu is better.

Disclosure: I used the rel=”nofollow” tag for both links in this post.